Ultra Precision Master Clock Product Reviews:

Features Of Ultra Precision Master Clock
(Model VA MCLK 01)

Technical Characteristics
and Achievements

  • Reproduction of Digital Sources with an Ultra High Precision and Stability 10 MHz Reference Signal
  • Maximization of DAC’s Resolution and Dynamic Range with Architecture Independence
  • High Levels of Synchronization and Timing Accuracy on D A Converters and Transporters
  • Reduction on Total Harmonic and Multi Tone Intermodulation Distortions

Key Benefits of
V Acoustics Master Clock

  • Increase on Spatial Location and Sonic Textured Characteristics
  • Time and Frequency Reproduction with added Fidelity
  • Higher Dynamic Range and Tone Quality
  • Increased Levels of Clarity and Soundstage
  • Discover every Music Detail and let it be an Overwhelming Experience


  • Cutting Edge Materials and Electronic Components Carefully Selected
  • Development with High Speed Digital Design and Low Noise Techniques
  • Monoblock Construction with Superior Strength Structural Aluminum Alloy
  • Extra Robustness Construction with High EMC Immunity
  • Color and Finishing Product Personalization with Owner’s Print and Digital Imprint Signatures
  • All Solid State Switching - No Electrical and Electromechanical Contacts
  • Engineered and Manufactured in Portugal

Contacting V-Acoustics

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